Online Since 1999
Our history started in 1999 when we started the website, this makes us one of the oldest webshops. At that time, we were best known for GSM phones, subscriptions, accessories, data cables and components. In 2004 our company has moved from the Netherlands to Luxembourg.Buy cheap online

In the north of Luxembourg, we started a specialized shop in blank DVD's, printer ink

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We are connected by In the north of Luxembourg, we started a specialized shop / showroom in recordable media, printer ink cartridges, photo paper and decoration hobby materials. In 2011, we began to develop pour soap with its own formula that was in 2012. Thanks to our innovative manufacturing our soap is not wet and was instantly loved by the people who worked there every day. We have given years of workshops on various campsites, nor are we affiliated with merchant preferred to show you that we are serious.

The website was an extension of the store, which has now been reversed. If you're in the area come visit us. The website shows a large portion of the products we have in our showroom and at what price. Depending on where you live to buy certain goods or not online.

Save cost
To minimize our costs, we ensure that your product remains cheap. So no golden door handles, but as good and practical low budget furnished warehouse.

We have always kept us busy with quality and do not want to be a box mover.
To ensure quality, a lot of time interested furthest degree in testing and checking of the goods offered by us.

In addition to providing decoration goods, we also gave workshops in Luxembourg, so you run the risk of us to encounter there. We give workshops in soap chains, jewelery and green decoaties etc ..