The most people think we only sell on internet, well not! We have also a wharehouse to pickup your order. The website shows which products / prices we have. Some products can be ordered online some not (depending on the country you live).

We are located in the north of Luxembourg (14 km from St. Vith, 125 km from Maastricht (near Clervaux / Troisvierges) and is free for everyone to see / purchase without any registration on the website.

The best is you know what you want to have and write it down (or fill your shopping cart and print it) to avoid mistakes. Printer ink cartridges all loke the same. Call and reserve is also possible.

Our shop is open Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00, Saturday 10.00 to 15.00. If you drive specifically for it let us know that you are coming, sometimes we are out and we don't want that you are for a closed door.

Note: You can only pay in cash at our shop, ATM is not possible (there are ATM near in the bank).


QP international s.à.r.l.
Lampertskaul 15
L-9952 Drinklange (zone industrial Troisvierges)
Phone 00352 621 47 58 68
N 50.12992
O 6.00763