Compose your own pouring soap starter pack

The allround pack is for everybody that want to do all or gives workshops. Make from clear glycerin soap white with the special white dey. You now have 2 colors of wax cord both 70 meter, 4 fragrances & 250ml alcohol. The Mica metallic color powder and 4 basic colors are also include.

You have enough material for ± 160 soaps*
enough for 32 soap chains.

  • White dye
  • 70 meter white wax cord
  • 70 meter black wax cord
  • 2 mixing measuring cup
  • 2500 gram clear melt soap
  • Mica metallic color powder
  • 4 fragrance oils, 3 of choice & 1 surprise (total 60 ml)
  • 250 ml surgical alcohol 70% including sprayer
  • 4* 30 ml basic colors: black, blue, pink & yellow
  • Upgrade content fragrance & dye to 30 ml

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand PMT europe
SKU startpakket zelf-01

Pour soap information

Our pour soap can not be compared with other soap you find on the internet.

We have the formula of soap adjusted so that it is no longer wet (sweating, condensing) * remains softer (breaks not practical) and melt faster. The soap is produced within the EU and meets the cosmetics legislation.

Our meltable soap is ideal to make your own soap or soap necklaces decorations without the high humidity problems! Obviously our soap suitable soap which initially was once intended for: wash.

Advantages of our soap

  • Low melting temperature (± 50 degrees) so you have more time to work
  • You have more time to scents and colors
  • The soap is softer which pierce even easier in the longitudinal direction and not break the soaps
  • Full sweat freely and not suffer from condensation (soap stays dry)
  • More transparent, you can see through, transparent creations are now possible
  • Smooth white (so no bars of soap powder stains)